The Simple Leaf is a different experience.

I've spent more hours of my life in waiting rooms and clinical offices than I'd care to admit. I know they can be intimidating and uncomfortable. That's why I made sure this would be different. In my experience, the key to having a meaningful relationship with someone is to allow them to be comfortable, to be themselves. This is why I come to you. When I began holding consultations in my client's homes, or a mutual space- my world changed. I noticed that people were able to be warmer, more open, more honest. I was able to get a feeling for the kind of person they were, and adjust my approach to work best for the individual. It helped me to become a better practitioner when I noticed that if I made the experience warmer, more pleasant, and more convenient, that people were giving me more in return. They put in more effort, and in turn, they began to feel better more quickly-

...this is what I'm going for. 

As a practitioner, I've learned that positive life changes can manifest themselves in a great number of ways. There isn't any one "program", or "template" for best health. Instead, we need to consider and respect every person's individual biochemistry, physiology, values, and goals. I've found that when we take an individualized approach, the journey becomes so much more than a means to an end. 
I am invested in helping you cultivate your most energetic, your most vibrant, your happiest and healthiest self.


*Consultations are offered one-on-one or via Telecommunication (HIPPA compliant online server) for your convenience.